Why choose us?


Experience – We have been operating in Wrocław since 2003. It is an ideal place to learn English due to its multicultural environment in the centre of Europe.
Classes are always taught by native speakers - This will force you to speak English as well as become accustomed to the culture and mindset of teachers from the UK and USA. Thanks to this approach, you will learn faster and more effectively. Our students quickly achieve excellent results.
Great course options- tailored to your schedule, expectations and budget.
Business English, intensive English courses and more – learning in the very centre of the city - just one minute from Plac Jana Pawła II.
We organize competitions with great prizes every month! There are tickets for jazz concerts, coupons for restaurants and vouchers for full-body massages.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer. Business English and Intensive English courses are not the only English learning options at our School. 1-1 classes are also taught by native speakers at Queen’s School of English.

Wrocław is growing all the time - join our school and help yourself grow!