Word Up – Kill

  • Turn off the sound or lights – e.g. Kill the sound on the TV or Kill the lights – turn them off.
  • To finish a drink kill it. E.g. Do you mind if I have a sip of your cola? – Sure, Kill it.
  • You can kill time – do something unimportant to help time go by more quickly.
  • A killjoy is a person who stops you having fun ‘ Don’t be such a killjoy’.
  • Idiom – kill two birds with one stone – do one thing that brings two results.
  • Overkill – the excessive use of something with negative results: e.g. a lot of music today suffers from production overkill.
  • To do something really well ‘to kill it’ e.g Johnny was killing it when he played
    that Jimi Hendrix guitar solo.