Translation and proofreading

We translate from and into: Polish, English, French, German and Russian. Translation are sent with a short report. Proofreading is available for English language only.

Language consultation

Do you need a cool slogan, catchphrase or marketing text? We can help.

Voice over

We have years’ of experience providing quality voice artistry for TV and radio adverts, promotional films, informational announcements etc. We have worked with Dreamliner, Orange, Tesco, ATM Grupa and TVN to name but a few satisfied clients. 

Language verification

Are you dissatisfied with a translation or do you think a text could be improved or simply doesn’t serve the purpose it was written for? Well, that’s where we can help. We will start by looking at the source language and identify what is going wrong and how it can be improved.

Level Placement testing

We can assess language competences in detail in terms of spoken, written, listening and grammatical capability. Each assessment comes with a short report with estimated level and ability.

Language audit

Does your company have several language school providers which makes it difficult to know what is going on? We can provide a detailed analysis of each lesson and report on efficiency of approach and suggest ways of improving the language lessons that you pay for.