Wrocław is a perfect place to learn English. The city is becoming more and more entrepreneurial and provides many opportunities for development.

Queen’s School of English Queen's School of English offers classes in groups: Business English, Cambridge exam preparation courses ( IELTS, BEC, CAE, CPE) general English, blended learning. and teenager English - these are the types of group classes we offer. Which group do you want to enroll in? It all depends on what you really want to learn. And we can find a course that meets your needs and fits your budget!

Business English will undoubtedly be useful for work. General English is a course aimed at people who want to learn how to talk fluently on a range of popular topics. Blended English is a combination of general English and business English skills. The course for teens is intended for youngsters aged 12-17. After completing such a course, your child will have a big head-start in the quest to speak English fluently!

If you have a problem with speaking English - group classes may be a good solution for you.

Business English

angielski biznesowy
  • City Slicker– This custom course from the Queen’s School of English allows you to master key business English skills including: emails, telephone calls, reporting, meetings, presentations and negotiating.


Cambridge International Examinations
  • IELTS Academic A preparation course for this popular international, Cambridge examination, particularly for those who plan to study abroad.
  • IELTS General– A preparation course for this popular international, Cambridge examination, particularly for those who intend to live and work abroad in an English-speaking country.
  • CPE – Certificate of Proficiency in English
  • CAE – Certificate of Advanced English
  • FCE – First Certificate

General English

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  • CONVERSATION- A course focused purely on improving your spoken ability in English. It contains a wide variety of topics and vocabulary sets to enable you discuss, comment and argue your point of view.

  • GENERAL ENGLISH MORNING (GEM)– An early morning course that allows you to refresh and progress at English used for everyday purposes.

Blended learning

angielski ogólny i biznesowy
  • General and Business English (GBE)– A course that combines both theoretical knowledge about general principles of English with Business English skills.


  • Q courses– These courses are aimed at children 11-14 (one course for each age) to expose young learners to native speaker teachers and help improve accent, gain cultural knowledge and significantly boost English skills before reaching adulthood.