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Are you curious about how foreigners live in Wrocław?

Would you like to immerse yourself in the sound of blues on an early Sunday afternoon?

Or perhaps you want to learn how to expand your English vocabulary by exploring the many uses of the same word in expressions, phrasal verbs and idioms?

Simply tune in to Sunday Lunch on Radio Ram, and if you are late for the interview, you can always find it on the SoundCloud platform. SoundCloud.

But, what will you find in recent podcasts?

Each week, the guests of Terry Clark-Ward and Maciek Przestalski are foreigners living in Wrocław.
From the podcasts you will learn how they found themselves in Lower Silesia, interesting facts about their lives and where you can find out more on Social Media.

We encourage you to listen to the interviews.

Michael Forbes

Michael Forbes is from Scotland and is the unofficial minister of justice for foreigners via fb site ‘Wroclaw Expats’. By listening to the podcast you will learn how Michael helps other expats to settle in Poland.

Anna Sokhina & Rafał Motriuk

Rafał Motriuk, lecturer at a University in Wrocław and associate of the BBC. Anna Sokhina, a student from Ukraine is an ERASMUS volunteer. Typically, Rafał appeared in the broadcast with students. They talk about among other things, what education at the University is like during the pandemic.

Richard Lewis

Richard Lewis is a history enthusiast, blogger and teacher. If you want to find out what to visit in Wrocław, this podcast has the answer. Happy listening!

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