Word up – words and expressions with ‘Caravan '

Pronounced the same, with a different spelling, the Polish word ‘Karawan’ is a false friend. In Polish it means a funeral car or ‘Hearse’ while in English, a ‘Caravan’ is a ’przyczepa kempingowa'

Historically, a 'Caravan’ is a group of people in Africa or Asia (traders or pilgrims) traveling vast distances across a desert.

Today, many people go on holiday to a Caravan site or caravan park where you can rent a caravan for a week or two.

A large caravan that is not easily movable and is big enough to live in is called a ‘mobile home’.

A recently popular trend is to hire a ‘Camper van’ and travel from campsite to campsite in which you also sleep and live.

And finally, a caravan also refers to a large group of vehicles traveling together one after the other.