Polish deserts…

1. Kozlowski desert

Just a 90-minute drive from Wrocław, the Kozlowski Desert is located in Lower Silesia roughly between Bolesławiec and Szpotawa, the 20 hectare desert appeared in the 1920’s on an area of heathland – ‚Turfowisko’ that was used by the Germans for testing rockets.

2. Błedowska desert

The largest desert in Poland at 32km 2, Błedowska desert, make no mistake, is an impressive sight. located close to Dąbrowa Górnicza in upper Silesia, It’s sand is between 40 to 70 m deep and was used as a training area for German troops before they went to fight in North Africa during WWII. Although there are no camels, tents or Caravans, the desert is accessible from a few villages surrounding it, but the best access point is from the village of Chechło.

3. Siedlecki Desert

The final desert is the 30 hectare Siedlecki desert close to Częstochowa. The desert appeared due to mining activity in the area during the 1960’s, although the sand dates back to the Jurassic period when it was a seabed. The sand dunes reach a height of 30m and mirages are possible in the summer.