Word Up – Across

  • To come across – to meet or find without intending to
    ‘I was cleaning out a cupboard when I came a cross some old wedding photos’.
  • Across the pond – a way of referring to the Atlantic Ocean between the UK and the USA e.g. ‘In the UK we use celcius, a cross the pond, they use Fahrenheit to measure temperature.’
  • Across the street – on the other side of the street
    e.g. ‘There’s a frog shop across the street’
  • A cross between – a mix of two things e.g ‘a cross between a Tiger and a Lion is called a ‘Liger’ , natomiast Krowa i Żubr nazywają się ‚Żubron’.
  • A cross (as a noun) is a krzyż or crucifix.
  • To be be cross – to be angry.
  • Don’t cross me – nie przeszkadzaj mi.
  • Our paths will cross again – będziemy spotykać ponownie.