Word up – Spring

Apart from the season of the year, ‘a spring’ is a metal coil that can be pressed down and returns to its original shape e.g. often found in mattresses to create a bouncy feel.

  • As a verb ‘to spring into action’ – suddenly become active e.g. Darek was quiet all night at the party until he saw Kasia and then he Sprang into action to get her attention.
  • Issues, problems or challenges can suddenly appear or ‘Spring up’ . Spring is also a natural water source as found in places like Polanica Zdroj. Duszniki and so on.
  • To suddenly move or happen suddenly e.g ‘As soon as I arrived, the door swang open and I was welcomed in’.
  • A spring chicken is a term referring to a young person e.g she’s no spring chicken, but I would take her on a date.
  • If an idea suddenly enters your head, you can say ‘When I think of a holiday, Bali springs to mind’.