Word up – Water

  • Water is essential to life and so is going to the toilet.
    When you pass water, you do exactly this – pass water – go to the toilet.
  • To water down – to unnecessarily add water e.g. If you go to Rynek and ask
    for a watered down beer you will probably hear the reply ‘No problem’.
  • Water boarding – a type of torture whereby you tie a person to a board and put a wet rag in their mouth and add water to induce controlled drowning.
  • Watering can – for giving plants water.
  • To be in hot water – to be in trouble.
  • To take to sth like a duck to water – when something you try is very easy and naturally for you to do.
  • Feel like a fish out of water – feel uncomfortable in a new situation.
  • Spend money like water – not being careful with money.
  • Blow something out of the water – do sth better that someone else.