Word up – words and expressions with ‘Foot’ or ‘Feet’

1. As a measurement, a foot is 30.48 cm and is the standard measurement of height in the UK and USA. One foot is equal to 12inches: 2.54 cm. E.g I am 178 cm tall, so I am about 5 feet, 10 inches, whereas, Maciej is about 6 feet tall.
2. To have cold feet – when you become uninterested in doing something e.g. We were thinking about trying Morsing, but I got cold feet.
3. To foot the bill – to pay, especially a large amount of money.
4. Stand on your own two feet – be independent and able to manage.
5. To be dead on your feet – be very tired e.g ‘I’ve been working a 12-hour shift and feel dead on my feet’.
6. To sweep someone of their feet -when you  are emotionally amazed by someone in a positive, romantic way.
7. Footloose – to do what you please due to not having any responsibilities and the possibilities to do so.