Word up – words and expressions with ‘Voyage’

1. A voyage is a long journey by sea or in space e.g ‘ Musk and Bezos are in a race to make space voyage available to everyone’.
2. Equally useful is the word journey – when you travel a long distance by other means to get somewhere e.g. ‘It was quite a journey to get to Krynica Morska, but after 7.5 hours it was worth it’!
3. When you travel a shorter distance, this is called a ‘Trip’ e.g a trip to visit your parents, a day trip to a lake, but it may also be a trip abroad, which is usually called a holiday or vacation.
4. An old-fashioned term for a trip is an ‘outing’ a word I heard last when I was in former British colony, Kenya, which still uses 1950’s English expressions.
5. If you live in a different place to where you work – this is often called a satellite town e.g Trzebnica or Oława, you will ‘commute’ to work and you are a commuter.
6. But if you only need to go a very short distance from your home to a nearby Frog shop, for example, you can say ‘I’m just popping out to the shop ‘or I have to nip out for little while’.