Word up – words&expressions with ‘Moon’

1. Once in a blue moon – very rarely – raz na Ruski rok.
2. Honeymoon – a week in Zakopane after getting married.
3. Many moons ago – a long time ago.
4. To be over the moon – incredibly happy.
5. To moonlight – to have a secret, second job e.g. Maciej moonlights as a private detective.
6. Moonshine – homemade, full strength alcohol made at night, hence the name.
7. To do a moonie – to pull down your pants and show you arse to someone.
8. In songs:
– ‘Fly me to the moon’
– ‘Moon River’ ‘Moon over Bourbon street’
– ‘Bad moon rising’
– ‘Moondance’
– ‘Adark side of the moon’
– ‘Dancing in the moonlight’