Native Speaker from Queen’s School of English - the guest on Sunday Lunch

The guest of Sunday Lunch on Radio RAM was Scottish writer and English teacher, Craig Simpson. Craig talked about his life in Scotland and how he ended up in Wrocław.

Craig is a native speaker teacher at Queen’s School of English and the founder of the school film club. Each month Craig hold a film night that showcases a variety of films you may otherwise not get to see followed by an in-depth discussion in English.

Are you curious ? Find out what he had to say in our latest podcast.

Craig Simpson – Sunday Lunch

Sunday Lunch – Radio RAM 89.8 fm

Poland’s first, regular English-Polish radio show on Polish Radio’s ‘Radio RAM’ is a live broadcast presented by Queen’s School of English director, Terry Clark-Ward and Maciek Przestalski.

The show includes a Blues column, weekly competition, English Language feature and an interview with a variety of interesting foreigners living in Wroclaw from across the globe.

Every Sunday 12.00 - 14.00