Word up – Send

  • Send on – to send something from an old address to the new one ‘Radek asked
    me to send on any mail to his new address after I moved into the house’.
  • Heaven sent – coming at a perfect time ‘Thr new job offer was heaven sent
    – I was thinking about finding something else and this comes along just like that’.
  • A send off – good wishes or actions toward a person before they go on a journey or to start a new life elsewhere.
  • Send up – imitate someone in a foolish or ironic way.
  • Send for – order or request something or someone is sent to you.
  • Send someone packing – kick someone out of your home or business.
  • Send someone to Coventry -stop speaking to someone or avoid their company
    – this idiom is a bit old-fashioned and has been replaced with the term ‘to ghost someone’.