Word up – Solar

Solar is generally used as an adjective to refer to the sun… and therefore we talk about:

  • Solar – system, energy, power, panels.
  • Most of the time, we use the word sun;
    – it’s sunny today
    – the sun is shining brightly
    – but you cannot say it is shining or shiny.
  • Sunlight is the amount of sun you have per day.
  • Sun beams or sun rays are thin shafts of light – a ray of light might shine through your window in the morning.
  • Formally speaking, the sun rises in the morning and the sun sets in the afternoon/evening.
  • In common English we say the sun comes up and the sun goes down.
  • As an idiom ‘make hay while the sun shines’ – make the best of favourable circumstances while they last.