WORD UP – words and expressions with ‘All’

1. All in all – all things considered – said in summaryne.g. ‘All in all, the new James Bond film really sucked’.
2. Give it your all – make every effort you can e.g ‘Although Deontay Wilder gave it his all, he still got knocked spark out by Tyson Fury’.
3. A ‘know it all’ is a person who thinks they always know better than others e.g. ‘Ania is a real know it all, she does my head on’.
4. Go all the way – do something to the end.
5. An all-nighter is a party that goes on all night to the early hours of the morning.
6. You can’t win them all – said when a person of ambition fails to do something.
7. All my loving…. – the Beatles made that one pretty obvious.